Wellhead & Field

» No wires, cables or conduit
» No power supply required
» Fast, low-cost installation
» Easily expandable


» Compact and easy to install
» Integral solar power supply
» Capacity of 100+ field instruments
» Range 35km, or more


» Links to multiple Field Transceivers
» Local data visualization and alarms
» SMS text & e-mail alarms
» Zencus data server links to:
   ° Corporate Intranet
   ° Data historian
   ° Internet

Regional & Corporate Offices

» Real-time data visualization
» Web enabled
» Corporate-wide access from the desktop
» Access password protected


Zencus Wireless Data Acquisition and Visualization system provides an integrated modular system for delivering remote, real-time wellhead and field production data to the desk-top of; - Field Operators, Engineers and Managers, irrespective of their geographical location within the organization.

An historical constraint to installing real-time wellhead monitoring instrumentation has been the practical and logistical complications associated with providing electrical power, cables and conduit at remote wellhead locations. The Zencus Mono Transmitter overcomes these limitations by integrating; sensor (e.g. pressure or temperature), A/D converter, radio transmitter and long-life battery in a single compact unit.

Zencus Mono Transmitters can be installed in minutes into existing field instrument connections with no need for electrical power, cables or conduit. The Zencus Data Acquisition system is ideal for retrofitting existing "brown-field" sites as well as new field installations.

The Zencus Field Transceiver is a compact solar-powered unit that can be quickly installed without the need for cables or conduit. A single unit can receive and manage data from 100+ field instrument transmitters. A variety of transmission options are available to reliably transmit field data over distances of 35 km or more. Transmission options include license-exempt radio modems and GPRS, Broadband Satellite and Low Orbit Satellite.

Traditional SCADA/DCS based data acquisition systems are expensive and time-consuming to install and typically deliver data to a dedicated control room or data historian but not to the end-user’s desk-top. The Zencus Wireless Data Acquisition and Visualization system delivers real-time production data to the corporate desk-top via proprietary web-enabled Data Visualization software. No application software needs to be installed on the end-user’s computer. All that is required is a web browser and access password.

Zencus provides a single-source "end-to-end" solution for field data acquisition and visualization for the oil and gas industry.

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