New Technologies

The Zencus product range is under continual development and improvement. Our dedicated R&D team are continually enhancing functionality in existing products and extending the range based on advances in technology and client requests.

Recent additions include:-

  • TETRA - the TETRA enabled Field Transceiver allows long distance data transmission over an existing TETRA network.
  • IEC61331-3 complaint PLC functionality added to the Field Transceiver and Gateway.
  • DNP3 connectivity for the Field Transceiver
  • CCTV monitoring for drilling rigs and remote well sites.

In the pipeline:

  • WirelessHART Transmitter range.
  • WirelessHART enabled Field Transceiver for onward data transmission.
  • WirelessHART Gateway.
  • ZDVWebStudio v2.0, the enhanced featured, web data visualization suite.

Products Overview

Zencus Mono-Transmitter

The Zencus Mono-Transmitter forms part of the Zencus Wireless Network, with up to 200 Mono-Transmitters feeding into a single Zencus Field Transceiver or Gateway for onward data transmission.

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Zencus Field Transceiver

The Zencus Field Transceiver (Wireless RTU) is the control centre for field data capture, processing, and onward long-distance data transmission to the Zencus Gateway or Client LAN.

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Zencus Gateway

The Zencus Gateway is the interface between the Zencus Wireless Network and the Zencus Data Visualization Suite or client SCADA/ DCS system.

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Zencus Data Visualization

The Zencus Data Visualization (ZDV) Suite is a suite of distributed applications managing data acquisition, storage and visualization.

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Zencus CCTV

The Zencus Site Security System can be combined with Zencus Mono-Transmitters at remote sites to monitor site security and process instruments utilising a single Field Transceiver and long distance data link .

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