Zencus CCTV Overview

  • The Zencus Site Security System is a modular low bandwidth surveillance system allowing fit for purpose site security or monitoring any location.
  • Latest video and software compression techniques minimize bandwidth requirements and gives quality live images with increased resolution recorded footage, on alarm triggers at bandwidths < 256kbps.
  • Various camera options include, Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), fixed zoom and static; selection dependent on site installation and bandwidth availability.
  • Onward transmission methods include the following:
    - 2.4GHz FHSS Ethernet bridge radio (default).
    - 900 MHz FHSS Ethernet bridge radio.
    - VSAT & BGAN satellite options.
  • Local and remote Windows and Web based visualization, with live and alarm/time based playback.
  • User configurable live, recording and remote streams offering different resolution and frame rate options to best utilise available bandwidth.
  • Integration with Zencus Wireless Data Acquisition system incorporates CCTV and process monitoring in a single data link.

Standard Option Camera - Features

  • Certified for Zone 1 hazardous area deployment
  • Solid metal, industrial enclosure
  • 470 TVL NTSC/PAL typical
  • 18x or 36x Zoom with wide angle of view
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System Architecture

  • The Zencus Site Security System can be combined with Zencus Mono-Transmitters at remote sites to monitor site security and process instruments utilising a single Field Transceiver and long distance data link .
  • The Field Transceiver transmits received data over long distances to the Zencus Gateway using a 2.4GHz radio Ethernet bridge (default).
  • The physical number of Field Transceivers permissible in Zencus network has a theoretical limit of 65,535 but practical considerations such as bandwidth with video systems limit individual networks to 1-10 units when operating multiple site security systems. Numerous independently addressed networks can co-exist and operate in parallel for larger installations.
  • The Zencus Gateway manages the network and delivers data and surveillance footage into the Zencus Data Visualization system, the client SCADA system, or both systems simultaneously when operating in parallel.
System Architecture options for Zencus CCTV

System Architecture options for Zencus CCTV
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System Architecture options for Zencus CCTV

System Architecture options for Zencus CCTV

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