Remote Monitoring & Control of Offshore Production Facilities via VSAT

Remote monitoring & control of offshore production facilities in the Berri field via VSAT.
Key monitoring functions:

  • Monitoring of Permanent Downhole Measurement Systems (PDHMS)
  • Monitoring of Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM).
  • Remote control of MPFM well selection.
  • Monitoring of surface instruments.

Communication and reporting:

  • Communication from Zencus RTU-2000 terminal via VSAT satellite link.
  • Data reporting to PC server with Data Historian and Zencus ZDV web-based reporting and visualization software.
  • Web access to data server from engineers’ desktop PCs via Saudi Aramco corporate intranet.
  • OPC interface with Saudi Aramco corporate PI Data Historian.

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